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PX100:64.160.02 Bed

PX100:64.160.02 Bed
  • High spatial resolution at 1.27cm with 10,240 sensors
  • High resolution images offering great detail
  • Designed for durability, accuracy & stable calibration 
  • Flexible, sheet-like yet robust and reliable sensor

The PX100.64.160.02 is a high resolusion bed sensor offering accurate, detailed images in both 2D or 3D for pressure for bed and mattress profiling and comfort analysis or of any surface you wish to measure.

The larger active surface area is particularly suitable for the single beds.

The highly stable calibration which does not require re-calibrating every few measurements means this sensor offers the user fast, easy and accurate data collection.

Combined with XSensor’s Pro V7 software and electronics, the PX100:64.160.02 sensor offer fast , powerful data collection with excelent resolution

  • This sensor must be connected to three X3 SENSOR PACKs.
  • The X3 SENSOR PACK PROs need to be connected to an X3 PRO.
  •   The X3 PRO configurations need to be subsequently connected to a power supply or battery and a computer running XSENSOR software to function

Available Downloads

  • Additional calibration at alternative pressure ranges

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