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PX100:40.64.02 Seat

PX100:40.64.02 Seat

The PX100:40.64.02 sensor is a very accurate and flexible, low pressure sensor which conforms easily to irregular shapes. With 2,560 sensor points the PX100:40.64.02 offers highly stable calibration, durability and high speed data capture.

  • Each sensor must be connected to an X3 sensor pack or X3 sensor pack PRO.
  • The X3 sensor pack(s) should be connected to an X3 PRO or an X3 DISPLAY unit either directly or via an X3 Node
  • The X3 PRO needs connection to a power supply and a computer with X3 software to function.

Available Downloads

  • Additional calibrations at alternative pressure ranges
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery and charger for portable power
  • X3 Display system for portable data capture
  • X3 Node, three port connector
  • X3 Standard sensor calibration device

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