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PX100.48.48.02 Sensor

PX100.48.48.02 Sensor

The PX100:48.48.02 sensor is a highly flexible design which conforms well to irregular shapes while offering accurate and repeatable data collection at up 45 frames or more per second. These characteristics make it ideal for applications such as seating comfort and ingress / egress studies or other measurements that require repeated or data collection over a longer period of time.

Like all XSensor’s sensor mats, calibration is highly stable and does not require repeated re-calibration after every few uses  

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  • Additional calibrations at alternative pressure ranges, please ask
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery and charger for portable power
  • X3 Display system for portable data capture
  • X3 Node, three port connector
  • X3 Standard sensor calibration device

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