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LX210 Series Pressure Mapping Sensors

LX210 Series Pressure Mapping Sensors


  • High data sampling rates of up to 45 frames per second
  • Low creep, low hysteresis, high accurcy characteristics
  • Highly flexible design conforms well to irregular shapes
  • Highly durable, long life design 
  • Ideal for Ingress / Egress studies  


The LX210 series of pressure mapping sensors are the replacement for the popular PX200 and LX200 sensors. They now feature new, lighter  construction which offers even more flexiblility which conforms even better to irregular shapes. Available in a similar range of sizes to the popular LX100 sensors, the LX210 range features a higher pressure range of 0.1-15psi, making these versatile sensors a great choice for many applications including comfort testing, quality, durability and ingress / egress studies. Like all XSensor sensors the LX210 range offers durable, repeatable and highly stable performance. 

The LX210 series of sensors have the same low Hysteresis, low creep and high repeatability characteristics as the LX100 range, which means they share the same high accuracy and durability without the need for regular, repeated calibration. 

Excact specifications are sensor model dependent; please download the data sheet for full specifications, 

Dimensions are sensor model dependent; please down the data sheet for complete dimension information

  • X3 Portable display
  • Rechageable battery for use away from main power 

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