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LX100 Pressure Mapping Sensors

LX100 Pressure Mapping Sensors
  • The most advance and accurate sensors yet offered by XSensor
  •  Available in several sizes to meet your requirements
  • Very flexible and durable sensors suited to irregular shapes
  • Low hysteresis, creep & high repeatability means high accuracy 
  • Ideal for comfort testing 

The LX100 series of pressure mapping sensors are the most advanced sensors yet offered by XSensor.  They share all the advantages of high flexibility and conformability with  XSensor's other sensor mats. But developments in design and manufacturing mean that the LX100 series offer improvements in durability and accuracy.

The low Hysteresis and creep characteristics of these sensors along with a high degree of repeatability means these are the most accurate pressure mapping sensors yet offered by XSensor. In fact accelerated durability tests have shown that the calibration of these sensors is so stable that it stays within ±2% of the original calibration for up to five years.

These characteristics make the LX100 series ideal for engineering and automotive research and design and process control applications  


  • Additional calibrations at alternative pressure ranges
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery and charger for portable power
  • X3 Display system for portable data capture
  • X3 Node, three port connector
  • X3 Standard sensor calibration device

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