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IX500:60.60.05 Tyre Pressure Mappin Sensor

IX500:60.60.05 Tyre Pressure Mappin Sensor
  • High spatial resolution of 5.08mm, giving 3,600 sensor points
  • Offers high quality pressure images with exceptional detail
  • XSensor's sensors are both durable and very reliable with stable calibrations
  • Excellent tool for both static and dynamic testing

The IX500:60.60.05 has been designed to profile tyre foot prints. This sensor’s high spatial resolution and fast recording rates provides great tyre profile data collection with a vehicle on a multi-post test rig, but is well suited to any applications where fast data collection is required. The sensor is covered with a urethane cover provides extra protection against impacts.


  • Additional calibrations at alternative pressure ranges
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery and charger for portable power
  • X3 Display system for portable data capture
  • X3 Node, three port connector
  • X3 Standard sensor calibration device

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