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IX500:128.128.10 Tyre Pressure Mapping Sensor

IX500:128.128.10 Tyre Pressure Mapping Sensor


  • A flexible tyre sensor which conforms to uneven surfaces
  • High spatial resolution is suited to dynamic & environmental test conditions
  • Quick set-up & easy portability lends this sensor to testing outside the lab
  • Fast data acquisition allows use in dynamic test environments 

The IX500.128.128.10 is a high resolution tyre prrssure mapping sensor with 16,384 sensor points that can offer the user highly detailed pressure images. Data collection is also faster that other tyre sensors in XSensor’s range.

 Yet the IX500:128.128.10's flexible construction means it can conform to uneven surfaces away from the test laboratory.  This sensor’s tough and durable covering means it can even be used in shallow sub-soil test situations


  • Alternative or additional calibrations available at different pressure ranges
  • Rechargeable battery pack to power sensor and system when mains power is not available


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