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LX205 Series Hi-Res Pressure Mapping Sensors

LX205 Series Hi-Res Pressure Mapping Sensors
  • High spatial resolution at 2.54mm
  • Designed for high detail images
  • Fast data aquisition
  • Flexible design for uneven surfaces
  • Use both in and away from the lab

The LX205 series of sensors have be designed for high quality pressure mapping images while offering fast data aquisition. 

They feature XSesnor's flexible sensor design that makes them ideal for pressure mapping application on irregular shapes and can be used for a wide variety of application including;

  • Surface hand pressure
  • Automated clamping pressures
  • Seal pressures 
  • Robotics
  • Product design and research 

Available Downloads

Sensor specifications are model dependent. Please down load the LX205 data sheet for more information 


Sensor dimensions are model dependent, please download the data sheet for more details 

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