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Tyre Pressure Mapping

For several years now Interface  Force Measurements, as XSensor’s U.K.  Industrial Distributor has been working with U.K. based tyre and automotive manufacturers as well as household name motor racing teams to help develop their engineer’s understanding of the tyres profile, performance and the ever changing contact area 

Sensor Data Quality

XSensor’s innovative  and durable range of sensors ensure the highest levels of accuracy and repeatability are delivered  while at the same time offering very stable calibration, ensuring reliability without the need for repeated calibration while offering a wide range of spatial resolutions and sensor sizes.

X3 Professional V8 High Speed software

XSensor’s Pro V8 software was designed to support  automotive & industrial research, design and process control. Combined with XSensor’s wide range of sensors, the user has a powerful tool for tyre performance  analysis, seating comfort, egress and many other test. Software tools include


Sensor Durability

XSensor’s range of sensors are designed to last even under the most rigorous testing environments, offering lower total cost of ownership. At the same time, up to 1.15mm spatial resolution is available with up to 65,536 sensor points offering the highest levels of data capture. The toughest of tests can be carried out, including measurement  of tyre side slip pressure without significant loss of image quality, resolution or data



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