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Hi-Res 1.0mm Tyre Pressure Mapping System

Xsensor High Resolution Pressure Mapping Tire SystemOverlay of Tire Pressure Profile

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Hi-Res 1.6mm Tyre Pressure Mapping System

Xsensor High-Resolution 16" Tyre (Tire) Pressure Mapping System

System comprises:-

  • IX500:256.256.16 High Resolution Sensor
  • 4 ea. X3 Pro Sensor Packs (16-bit ADC module)
  • 1 ea. X3 Pro Electronics
  • 1 ea. X3 Pro Software V8.0 with 5 user licence
  • ...

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Hi-Speed 5.08mm Tyre Sensor

Off Road Tyre Test

The IX500.60.60.05 Tyre System

The IX500.60.60.05 sensor offers increased speed of data capture necessary for higher speed chassis and ...

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High Speed Tire Pressure Mapping System

For the first time since tire design and test engineers can capture tire foot print data with XSensor’s Dynamic, high speed Tire Pressure Mapping system. This new dynamic system offers ...

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HS Impact Pressure Mapping System

For many year designers and engineers have been looking for ways to measure and minimise the elevated body surface pressures created between occupant and seat backs, head restraints, seat belts and airbags during rear or frontal impacts. Until now this impact pressure data has been impossible to obtain. 

This is why XSensor...

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X3 Pro Seat Pressure Mapping System

XSensor's Pro seat system can be used for product development of automotive seating, aircraft seating, office seating, sofas and other seating products.&...

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X3 Wiper Blade Pressure Mapping System

The XSensor's X3 Wiper Blade system is designed to be used as quality assurance and design tool. The Wiper Blade system measures the wiper blade’s linear force as it is applied on a wind screen. The wiper blade sensor offers the reliable...

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XSensor Reveal R&D Bed System

XSensor's R&D bed pressure mapping system is for bed and mattress designers or manufacturers requiring a premium design, development and evaluation tool.

This system features the PX100:64.160.02 high resolution mattress sensor with 10,240 sensor points. Combined with XSensor's Pro V8 software, bed...

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LX210 Series Pressure Mapping Sensors
LX210 Series Pressure Mapping Sensors
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