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Xsensor Pressure Mapping Systems

The unrivalled ability of XSensor's' Pressure Mapping Systems for seat and bed applications allow many human body studies with exciting and revealing results. While the higher pressure range sensors offer improved spatial resolution and the increased sensor element density needed by tire or automotive manufactures and racing teams to accurately profile tyres to generate maximum contact area through product development and correct chassis setup.

This site provides information on many of our standard sensors and components but should you have any questions our Application Engineers will be happy to discuss your requirement in detail and offer any experience that may be of assistance in determining the best solution available.

Q. What is Pressure Mapping?

A. The ability to measure the pressure between two contacting surfaces
e.g. Driver & Seat, Tyre & Road, Pipe flange & Gasket, Body Armour & Athlete, Semiconductor & Heatsink...

The possibilities are only limited by our imagination.

Why Xsensor Pressure Mapping Systems give you more!

Capacitive technology is one of the key elements and this provides:

* 1.0 psi = 6.89kPa, (51.7mmHg, 0.07kg/cm2, 0.689N/cm2)

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LX210 Series Pressure Mapping Sensors
LX210 Series Pressure Mapping Sensors
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